Monday, May 25, 2009

The Healthy Fellow

At you can read movie reviews and other interesting posts on healthy living or dieting techniques. All things you might like to know like the newest supplements or even old standbys are discussed by reviewers. The writer of the blog used to be a screen writer and as his second life interest he likes exploring health issues from physical, dental or common medical conditions like diabetes to mental health issues, memory enhancement or alternate therapies. There are posts of women's, men's or children's health concerns as well as popular product reviews.

Many interesting new health foods are discussed. Posts on coconut flour, chocolate, green food supplements, low carbohydrate eating and the latest in organic foods keep your attention while providing useful information. When searching for a natural health blog that is intriguingly healthful you should visit this site and visit it often.

Speaking of gluten free flours from the health food stores there is also tapioca flour, versus the pearls at the supermarket that make tapioca pudding, that are free from gluten while also having a trace of calcium in each tablespoon. Another useful product is bulk textured vegetable protein from Bob's Red Mill, gluten free, a high source of protein and valuable for those on a carbohydrate reduced or high fiber diet.

Before we forget let's say one more thing about the movie reviews. JB is discussing movies much as if he were a therapist or the writer of the script which adds great insight. This blog is a great place to go for therapies of all kinds.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kool Whip & More

Alittle cinnamon ~ maybe.