Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ice Cream

1 can evaporated fat free milk milk
3 tb cocoa
2 Tsps. sweet and low or less (this is bulk sweet n' low)
tall container like an old cool whip 16 oz size or a mixing bowl for whipping whipped items -- a tall narrow one

Chill the can of milk, you can open it first if you like, also chill the beaters
After about 2 hours whip the milk with the mixer and beaters attached until high and soft peaks form, add the flavoring and sweetening.
Detach the beaters and leave in mixing bowl. Freeze for an hour
Remove from the freezer and re attach beaters tomixer once more beat until high in the container, remove the beaters and leave in the mixing bowl and refreeze.
Keep on re attaching the beaters after about an hour in the freezer and beating until high twice more. Voila.
This obviously is almost gone. It is nice for slicing with a steak knife or other sharp knife and layering between protein cookies or meringue shells, too.