Sleek Fashions

Things to Collect Like Tools

1. Shoulder Pads
2. Contour or Molded Cup Bras.
3. Shirts with Cuffs.
4. Shirts with Epaulettes.
5. Skinny Jeans, Cigarette Cut Pants, Yoga Pants with Wide Turn Back Waistband.
6. Watches for Your Wrist.

Shoulder Pads

These can go on your shoulder caps towards the front or towards the back; they can also go into your bra for extra oomph. You can buy them ready made or sew your own from a satin shell you have stuffed with fiberfill.

To make a shoulder pad cut out some lining fabric, some jersey fabric or some sturdy cotton fabric in the shape of a semicircle, or use a pad you already have to trace around leaving 1/2 inch for selvages around the outer edges. I suppose you could cut out a large about seven inch circle and fold this in half also to do it. Sew with right sides together leaving a small area about an inch and a half for turning. Sew. Turn. Stuff. Tack the opening shut with needle and thread then top stitch this area, only this area so the pad doesn't have visible edges under your clothes.

Padded Contoured Cups

Power up your silhouette with contouring around your bosom, so slimming and cuddly for you to get a little bit more here. Satisfying while nibbling slim. Basic white is a good idea as a little bleach makes these garments new again, as long as you get a nice quality that is bleachable. Check out low cuts around the arms and center area to cut down on stains on the edges too when buying colored ones. Always spend more on high and full cuts so they clean up easier, do not buy cheap full cut undergarments, bad idea.


Cuffs on long sleeves look sleek on men as well as women, cuffs slim heavies and add volume to skinnies.


The grand finale of your ensemble may be the touch of an epaulette. You could add an epaulette to some of your things with a quick double faced strip and a fetching button too rather than wait until you see one ready to wear somewhere. The same fabric or a contrasting fabric could work. When contrasting though think darker or hemp like (rope or leather or webbing strips) to complete your look.

You can actually create your own. On the green shirt the button is one I added myself after removing a small plastic button. You can make buttonholes, but especially on the shoulder you could skip this and just sew on the button.
When you add tabs and buttons to the bottom of a sleeve it's great to make an actual button hole so the shirt's sleeve is versatile. A tool called a seam ripper ($3) at walmart will split a little slit in your webbing, double faced fabric strip or whatever you have created a tab out of.

 Posing, a models trick--

Notice, shoulders down, knees straight, top of head pulling up as if you were hung by a string, or a beast of burden from Africa with a basket of squash on your head. So, SKiNnY♡❣❣


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