Yoga-Cat Stretch-BB/W

Handheld weights and barbells get the mind conditioned to hold steady, making it a good practice to work with weights a few hours a week. It also is great for bikini toning.;]
Squats, lunges, deep knee bends with the barbells

jax, arms backwards, deep knee bends, sit ups, running in place and any you can think of with the handheld weights which weigh from one to three pounds and are available at places like walmart or amazon
 A classic meditative yoga pose feels good and takes good care of the lungs.

Stretching is possibly a matching trick that does almost everything imaginable for your muscles with very little effort, whether you are following a traditional yoga pose or just stretching in general. There are stretching programs on cable and elsewhere that zero in on specific muscles or groups of muscles, too.

The Next Stretching Pursuit is Ballet

Up on 
the toes.
Now to the floor.
Probably get some fun stuff too.

$61.45 plus $2.95 shipping---;]

Yet ANOTHER Yoga DEAL  Only $99 ;] for many video yoga lessons and a very pleasant teacher!
a sample video pose from this great coarse

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