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Card games are so fun, especially if you have back up games in mind to learn together, or, if you are partying on your own, teach them to yourself.

You can go international and pick games from around the world. You could also go by age group or literary interest. Create a list, study from search engine searches or buy a paperback from somewhere like that lists a bunch of card games.

Cards can be whimsical or classic too.

Rummoli~~Not Described

Bridge Belote-- Description France-Bulgaria, Greece, Quebec

The Technique: Play four, sitting cross each other and forming two teams. Number of cards is 32. The objective is to get as quickly as possible 151 points.
 Rules of the game.Dealer stir well cards and sitting on the left cut. Towards the rightof each participant are given in the first three cards at once, and then two more. Soeach player holds in his hand five cards.  Sitting right of the dealer bids first. The main types of games that can be selecteddepending on the strength of the cards held are:
game in the trump suit;
game "no trump"
playing "All Trumps"
 Game in the trump suit is the lowest level of bidding. Played with trumps that each player can offer in the most beneficial to the color. The power of color is - spades,hearts, diamonds, clubs. Announced in spades game takes precedence over all other trump announced the game buy - to clubs and cars advertised diamondsprecedence over advertised clubs.
 In game trump cards have their own specific point value (lowest to highest): 7 = 0 8 =0, 9 = 0, J = 2, Q = 3, K = 4 10 = 10 and A = 11. The values ​​of these cards if they aredeclared as trumps, change: 7 = 0, 8 = 0, Q = 3, K = 4, 10 = 10, A = 11 9 = 14, J =20. The game includes so-called ridge, ie trump pair (Q and K). Does her some of the players after the announcement and could in the process of playing to win for his team an additional 20 points.
 Basically the game is the rule for the mandatory meeting the color and upload. If the player does not have a map of the requested color and now belongs to trick the opponent must play trump, ie to hang. If an opponent played a trump card, he must give higher. If there is no higher trump card can play any card.
 No-trump game is higher than trump in the game. The player who offer it intends toplay the following conditions: the order of the cards from all the paint is 7 = 0 8 = 0, 9= 0, J = 2, Q = 3, K = 4, 10 = 10, A = 11. Belote and other announcements (see below) in this kind of game do not apply. In the process of playing the highest cardwins, and here as corresponding to the color is required.
 Play "All Trumps" is the highest possible option proposed. In this case, each color is considered to trump the value of all cards in both trump game, ie 7 = 0, 8 = 0, Q = 3, K = 4, 10 = 10, A = 11 9 = 14, J = 20. In force are declared whiteness of all colors, butonly if it has color, which is white or if the player play as one of the first pair, declaringwhiteness.
 If a player can not offer any of these types of games, announced pass. If the biddingcontinues, fold in the next round again may be included in it. Stated game should always be greater. For example, the first player declares trump clubs, after - trucksnext to him - no card, etc. If the player does not believe that the opponent will be able to play a game announced by him, he may declare the counter with which the point value of the game is doubled. In this case the opponents have the right to declareredouble, which point value of the game is increased four times. If all players passafter the deal announced, the cards are collected and given away the right of theplayer cards again distribute them for a new game. If someone said one of the variants of the game, and three fold, none of them will then have to offer higher and the game is played one that was announced last bid participant who in turn can not participate now in bidding even be able to declare a higher game.
 After the announcement of the highest game will be played, the dealer has filed anythree cards and sitting right on it starts the game. The aim is to collect as many"hands" over a map in various tricks.
 If you play in trumps or trump everything, during the first playing cards can announcethe following announcements:
 Tierce - a value of three consecutive cards. It carries 20 tonnes of the team if both teams make their tierce, goes higher, ie one that ends with the higher card. Tierce, ending with an Ace is called a major and has a point value and whiteness. If both teams have two or more tert, apply primer only team, in whom is the highest.
  Fifty - four consecutive cards that carry 50 tonnes of the team if both teams make their "Fifty," consider this only a couple of players that has a sequence ending with ahigher card. After notice of the "Fifty" lapse tert all announced opponent, but retaintheir incremental value.
 Cent - five consecutive maps. In case of delivery by both teams again count only a couple hundred, which has a sequence ending with a higher card. In this lost all his strength and fifty tert announced by the enemy and their own stand.
  Cent - box of four cards of equal value with the exception of eights and sevens.
  One hundred and fifty - advocates of a player who has four nines. They carry 150 tons announcement of four nines cancel points than the opponent's coach.
  Two hundred - advocates of a player holding four jacks. They carry 200 tons if the opponents have a box or four nines, do not record the points for them.Announcements of boxes destroyed 100 consecutive cards.
 Prohibited is the same card to participate in several announcement - as in tierce andquads. In this case, may be declared only the highest announcement. This does not apply to whiteness.
  When shaking the fight for individual tricks, ie card with a higher point value in them.The game starts after the first dealer. The player who has played the highest card ortrump wins the trick and opens the next round.
  It is important to take the last trick regardless of variations of the game, because itsaved an additional 10 points.
 The final census results is done by both sides gather points earned maps of whiteness and other announcements announced, including the last trick. Players who have committed to play team announced their option to collect more points. If they succeed, both sides gathered their recorded point values, as pre-divide them into ten, and the result is rounded (if the latter figure is more than 5 rounds to the upper limit, if less than 5 - to lower, eg 16 - to record two ; 34 - record is 3, etc.). If the game is drawn (eg no trump game announcements 81:81), opponents of the country, announced the type of game can save your score, but the other team has the right to record the results only if he wins the next hand. If it fails, opponents and recorded it (trump game is 16 items, with "no trump" and "All Trumps" - 26 points).
 The calculation results for game bezkozova sum of points earned for the last card trick doubles, shares of 10 and then rounding to the nearest whole number is recorded.
 If the opposing party fails to win any trick, winners receive a premium of 9 items for the so-called shaft. In this case, the winners can enroll for the game in the trump suit, if the game has no announcements, 25 points, with "no trump" and "All Trumps" - 35 soeven when shaft losers are entitled to write down the value announced on their whiteness, tert, and fifty others.
  The results of individual games are recorded and collected, until one team reachesthe limit of 151 tons, which defeats.
 If a team is shaft play continues regardless of the sum of the points may have exceeded 151 (a variant in which the game can end in this case - for example, if the winners cross the border of 151 items with points earned tricks and announcementsthat are without benefit premium shaft).
  Upload a game where "no trump" subject to prior agreement between the two teams.





Twenty-Five or Five and Ten

[This image is from cc somewhere but if you like it, the dolls are almost identical to the BratZ doll line found at Walmart, Toys'rUs ets.--so cute, Bratz dolls are adorable-- ]
Cost: $5-$15 each doll or outfit, original doll is wearing one outfit, at most locations and online.

 There are many more fun party games, for little cost. Since this Web Log is about Skinny, let's  have some punch that melts down the body's fat cells!


Something like Pepsi Max, this is diet cola with powdered drink mix in fruit punch, and added artificial sweeteners. My research tells me that Pepsi Max is fruit flavored although I haven't tried it. That is my reason for pointing this out. So if you have had the Pepsi specialty mix you will be familiar with the flavor twist.
Faux Pepsi Max

Another variation is quite tropical, this time you can make the cola hum with Hawaiian Punch in Polar Blast.
Summer Ice Crash

  Dare YOU Go Camping?

Grandfather's Clock

Build the cards from the piles into the "Clock".


Remove from one deck of cards the following cards: 2 of Hearts, 3 of Spades, 4 of Diamonds, 5 of Clubs, 6 of Hearts, 7 of Spades, 8 of Diamonds 9 of Clubs, 10 of Hearts, Jack of Spades, Queen of Diamonds and King of Clubs. These cards form a circle as shown on the image. Place the remaining cards, forming eight columns of five cards each. The cards in the eight columns must be face up and overlapping.


  • Play any exposed card to the layout (Clock), building up in suit from the base card until the card on the top of the pile shows the correct "Hour". When there are no more possible moves, build down among the eight columns, regardless of suit. If you create a gap in a column, you can fill it with any available card. Only one card at a time can be moved, and there are no shuffles permitted.

  • Play With Names:

    Plan names for pets, babies, furnishings, chinaware etc.

    Boys                                                                    Girls
    Logan                                                                  Vive
    Morg (funny twist on morgue-ho-ho)                  Cabernet
    Goliath                                                                 Burma
    Triathelon-Tri for short                                        Queen Elizabeth--of course Betty for short

    You can also name roses and you can actually grow roses easily in temperate climates from a bush that can be purchased for $5-$12 at the nearest discount-department store.

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