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Creating a Time Tunnel--

You have cherished memories, or, maybe not so cherished, whether you love the event or not, when did it occur? Ask yourself this and then record this information on paper, or, a text or document file somewhere that you can refer to again as you start to collect records of other events that occurred at the same time, like a scrapbook, but you are referring to this as 'your Time Tunnel.'

The dates are important here, especially the years and what season of these years, because most of your records will involve photographs or drawings so you can visit this other 'time.'

 Let's say cover photo age 9 -1966

 Cover Photo Age 11-1968-69

 CoverPhoto Age 14-1971-72


After (or During) your affair with your time tunnel-Don't forget to incorporate forms of life.

Animal love is important, what kind of animals should you 'collect' to add to your love nest?

Kind might mean living or glass, for instance. Glass could mean wood, ceramic, pewter marble, quartz (I have seen animals in all of these materials as I used to collect figurines as a child) or clay. You can use any substance available to purchase or sculpt yourself.

Live animals are great but as you decide if you have room or patience for caring for them you can already devour the animal world to your heart's content. All you really need is a shelf or two for display.

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