Nutritional Aspects

Some Important Nutritional Aspects

1. Diabetes

2. Gas, Gallstones and indigestion

3. High Protein

4. Fibrous but Easy on Digestive Processes [reduce inflammation-allergy, quicken digestion comfortably, add nutrients] figs, ground flax, gas-x, broccoli cooked, 

5. Iced Teas for Diuretic  

6. High Blood Pressure and Potassium

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1. Diabetes hits many people who don't consider themselves to be diabetic. Think of forty or even thirty, middle age, sedentary, affluent, mothers or dieters in this hidden group. Blood sugar rises under stress and if you have a lot of stress, pain or illness your blood sugar could rise without your awareness. The more your blood sugar rises higher than what you have actually eaten you could increase the likelihood of the same problems that those with full diabetes face which are problems with macular degeneration, dry skin, slower to heal and heart disease. This co-relates to high protein eating, which also needs to be done to a minimum, like say 70 grams at most and although at least 40 to offset high blood sugar. Even dieters can manage the calories in forty grams or even seventy with chicken breast, lean ham, low-fat milk and fish.

Treating some of your pain also reduces the blood sugar rising, massage, antihistamines to reduce inflammation, over the counter pain medications and even a couple of ounces of milk or water, not very much seems to help pain for some reason, like just a few sips. Everyone is familiar with making themselves stand their pain, maybe it will burn off some fat, ha-ha, gets into the head, it might but it might burn off your heart or less riskily dry out your skin. Try treating some of the pain more often and eating more snacks with a cube of chicken or beef in them along side the fruit or yogurt. If that's easy enough, do that, if not eat a large piece at lunch or supper.

This little scale is a great helper for health related menu planning as well as cooking in general.
I once worked at a bakery and everything we made had to be weighed and measured on a food scale from start to finish. 

 There were never any complaints. Yes, this type of measuring is more accurate whether you are selling a product or feeding your skin, bones and muscles. It is not just for those with high blood sugar problems or those who are dieting. 

These can be found for as little as ten dollars, or even lower too. Mail, drugstores, online you can surely find one and if you want glamour those are about fifty.

 2. Gas, Gallstones and indigestion
My next project is a study in the gall system, I know nothing about this. I don't have heartburn/indigestion as badly as many people my age, yet I have had the same amount suitable for about thirty years of age since 4, ;]♡, because I love rich food. I have had what I suppose are gall bladder attacks with excessive bloat-- I don't know -- I guess it is just maybe trying to have an attack if I could stand it, huh? I actually can't wait to research this and put it into layman's terms, for myself, and, others.

MAALOX ❤❫ is something like Hawaii as to its effectiveness.  I like the regular strength as well as 'Walmart's "Great Value" imposter. The bloat and any accompanying stomach ache disappear in say forty minutes or sooner. I'll get around to some body irrigation later when I have time.

3. Protein--HighProtein  My forte. Do not eat flour or grain as often as you can possibly swing. These foods are for when you are underweight more then thirteen-fourteen pounds, which coincidentally is equivalent to the British or UK stone. This is why there is such a measure so you know how underweight to be before ingesting bread. One stone.

One time my Dr. sent me to a nutritionist. She chose white chicken, cheese and yogurt (plain-low-fat) for my diet plan. So, I try to eat chicken more often - I always ate round steak before, whih  is very good too I'm sure.

4. Fibrous but Easy

Ground Flax Seed is my favorite mainstay-it is in my recipes elsewhere in this weblog, it makes a great substitute for BOTH butter and eggs, it is absolutely magic.
The best vegetables for the fiber I think are broccoli, brussel sprouts and dishes with a Florentine component which is spinach baked into the dish. I feel satisfied on less to eat and have an easy time of it at the end of the digestive cycle, these are the quickest, lowest in calorie and most trouble free choices I know to suggest to anyone especially dieters.

Fruits are great but for the most fiber support I only love a few of these. The fruits I love for digestive support and fiber are raw figs, raw apples (any kind), canned or raw pears and watermelon.

This concludes my list of easy fiber.

5. Iced Teas

There are many zero sugar tea products around, try them all, although I prefer peach and lemon flavors. I think the raspberry is watery. I love all tea iced, never hot tea.

Fresh brewed sun tea is delicious and very therapeutic, I would leave out the lemon and just sweeten this kind with my favorite dietetic sweetening agent.

6. High Blood Pressure and Potassium

Adults can consume 4700 milligrams of potassium or slightly less if using drugs to lower their blood pressure, unless you are told to eat even less than that due to additional conditions such as kidney disease. Forty-seven hundred milligrams is 4.7 grams, move the decimal point over three times from the right to convert milligrams to grams. 4700. to 4. 7 0 0.^ is three spaces from the right. 5500 millligrams is  5500.^ 5. 5 0 0. = 5.5 grams milligrams/grams/kilos
 1000 milligrams (mg) EQUALS 1 gram (g) 1000 grams (g) EQUALS 1 kilogram (kg)about 2.2 pounds

An easy way to  know what foods are about five hundred milligrams in 4 dense ounces or 8 fluid ounces is to look for red and yellow meats and vegetable'fruit foods.
Kidney beans, beets, figs,  apricot, avocado, orange juice, mollusk, halibut, tuna, carrot juice, almonds, tomatoes and plain yogurt (not red or yellow but filled with potassium)
Even richer in potassium or K are spinach, soybeans and products from soybeans and winter squashes which are double what the other foods hold plus, white potatoes which are triple the potassium 

It is important to monitor the intake of the mineral to prevent irregular heart rates.

Don't give up, measure and control!! 

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