Saturday, July 26, 2008

Idol Time "Candies'

For this you can add a cocktail pick, or succer stick and wrap individually if you like.

Melt together at 325 to 350 degrees 4-5 eucalyptus drops, 3-4 sugarless mint candies, when thoroughly runny, quickly add 1 TB cocoa powder, 1 pkg of granular sugar substitute, 2-3 TB nonfat dry milk( or 1tsp,cocoa + 2/3 pkg sugar reduced hot cocoa mix)-stir with spoon, form into a ball (it is hot so handle lightly) and pinch off small pieces that you form into balls . Press these into a clean ice cube tray to set. Chocolate~Mint Hint: Lemon (cough) drops are surprisingly good like this.

If they turn out grainy like maple sugar (courtesy of digitalforever@PhotoBucket) candies, remelt and then form again.

The artist above (Laura'sLines@Type Pad) does drawings like myself. That is not mine, although.;]

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