Monday, February 4, 2013

Tuna and Mushroom Paté


Hard cook 4 large eggs
Put the eggs in a pan of cold water, bring the water with the eggs in it to a boil, boil a couple of minutes, turn off heat and let set for 20 minutes
-- Replace the water in the pan with cold water while still letting the eggs set for a few seconds  Peel the eggs

Make the gravy mix as directed except only use 3/4 cups of water.
Drain one 6 oz. can of wpckd. tuna

Combine everything in a bowl and add 1 tsp seasoned salt, 2-3 TB Miracle Whip
Stir again.

Eat as deviled tuna or as stuffing for leafy greens. Even stuff a tomato, a zuchinni or some celery with the mixture.  If you stuff something with the 'pate' serve more seasoned salt for seasoning the vegetable or even regular salt.

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