Thursday, February 12, 2015

Float With Root Beer

5 oz can of evaporated milk
small mixer with two beaters
4 pkgs. of artificial sweetener
1/2 tsp or vanilla and caramel extract or to taste (.5 tsp ea.)
Diet Root Beer Soda Pop any Brand

Chill the milk in the refrigerator.
Open the can and beat the milk with the mixer in a medium size unbreakable bowl, preferably stainless steel to hold in the cold.
Beat until it fluffs and and looks like meringue with peaks, about 4 minutes or less.
Detach the beaters from the mixer if possible, leave in the bowl of whipped milk and place all in the freezer (except the mixer itself).
Chill in freezer 40-90 minutes.
Add sweetening and extracts. Beat again until fluffy breaking up the frozen edges and incorporating them into the ice milk.
Freeze again 30 to 60 minutes, like before with the beaters inside.
Whip one more time as before.
Freeze until serving for the float. You can also eat some now.

After frozen in about 3 hours you can spoon into glasses or mugs and top with Diet Root Beet.

It is SO GOOD.

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