Monday, March 12, 2012

Fantasy Cherry Soft Serve

1 cup ice water
1 small banana frozen and quartered
1 tsp bulk sweet and low
1/4 tsp - 3/8 tsp cherry drink mix powder w/no sugar added
1 TB frozen sugar free pineapple juice concentrate
5 or more regular size ice cubes

Combine first five ingredients plus four ice cubes.
Add final ice cube.
Add a few tablespoons of ice water or another piece of ice to get soft serve consistency if needed.

Eat alone or share with up to four people (including yourself).
Perfect with a tall spoon for eating right away.
Could be put in a cone.
The mixture should be about this color by just adding the right amount of powdered koolaide and quite thick similar to a DQ cone that will make slight mounds.

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