Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Pumpkin Bars

Stirred on the stovetop a can of pumpkin thickened with cornstarch and water is comfort food that can be frozen too and sawed into serving size treats,

Large deep skillet
4 oz. corn starch
15-16 oz. pumpkin pureƩ
㌶ Water to fill pan, about 4 cups, even more if it is too thick.
Sweet 'n lo bulk 3 Tb.
1 Tb. salt
Cinnamon 1 tsp. or to taste
1 tsp. of vanilla-actually imparts a buttery flavor in this recipe
 Put into your MOUTH and SAVOR.

Add one cup of water to the corn starch, stir completely until thin white liquid forms.
Put other ingredients into the pan, stir the remaining water into the pumpkin until smooth and thinned.
Turn heat to low.
Add corn starch mixture.
Continue cooking while stirring alternating with a wire whisk and a large spoon and turn heat up to medium until it boils.
Stir one or two minutes.
Add vanilla.

That's it.
PUT INTO favorite dish to freeze, cool whip tubs can be used, divided plates intended for microwaving are good because the servings will already be divided, (the large piece in the dish gets sawed in half to make the recipe last longer). The cookie crumbs from the PB cookies elsewhere in this blog are crumbled on top before freezing.

You can also serve this warm as a pudding, it is thick and creamy, simply store it in something you can heat it up in as stoneware mugs, this will go in a microwave easily. Have a potholder ready to hold your mug handle.

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