Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vanilla Cream

1 cup coffee creamer
14 cups water
8 Tb [4 of them rounded if you want it richer and creamier] corn starch
2 cups sugar equivalent so as to be equivalent
1 generous Tb margarine or butter
1 Tb salt
1 TB vanilla extract

Thicken in stock pot over medium heat. Not including the butter or vanilla until it finishes boiling one minute or so. Stir with whisk and large soup spoon so the cornstarch stays evenly distributed and does not sink to the bottom. It is a little runny for eating as it is at this point but cream-sickle enough when frozen.
Freeze in pints such as empty cool whip tubs.
Add protein cookie crumbs over top of pudding.
Makes 8 tubs. Saw in half to serve after frozen.

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